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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  December 22, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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state of emergency. huge areas of the west is a huge flooding mess. and the winners and losers in the 2010 sentenceous.
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and stage fright, a stunt goes horribly wrong during a live performance on broadway. good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry. those stories and more ahead on "first look" on msnbc. holiday experience are being dampened by this horrible weather system. there is mudslides and massive flooding. in arizona, homes have been literally ripped off thur foundations by the surging waters. in california, weather conditions forced the governor to declare a state of emergency in six counties. and utah, fears about a dam failure triggered evacuations yesterday. there are breaks in the trees ranch dam and city officials say
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the dam is still safe. bill karins will have much more on the weather and that all-important holiday travel forecast coming up. >> reporter: for the first time, america's population topped 300 million and again, the 2010 census, shows a shift from the north and east where states saw losses or minimal gains to the south and west where populations are booming. >> this is the very first decade in our history where the west region is larger than the midwest. >> michigan is the only state to lose residents. louisiana, the state in the south showed the slowest growth, perhaps a result of hurricane katrina. but the biggest impact may not be in population but in politics.
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results are used to reaportion the 435 seats in the house of representatives. these states lose seats. new york and ohio drop two each. these pick up representatives. texas with gain of four. results were delivered to the president tuesday morning and like the rest of us -- >> he was obviously interested in his own state, illinois, which actually lost a seat. >> reporter: for the president, though, it could mean more. democratic-leaning states are the ones that saw losses. republican states, the biggest gains. officials say it is a new and accurate picture of america. kristen dalgren, nbc news, washington. thanks to a round of last-minute lobbying about it obama administration, a new nuclear arms treaty with russia cleared a key hurdle in the senate tuesday and expected to pass a final vote today. we have more on that. good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning.
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it also looks likely the treaty will be approved in a key test vote yesterday, 67 senators voted to wrap up the discussion and move on to a final vote. that's more than what was expected. and a good sign that this could actually pass today in a final vote. this is the treaty that would limit warheads reducing them by 700 for both the u.s. and russia and also renew inspections. now once that's taken care of, the next thing up in the senate is the 9/11 health bill. this is the bill that would provide free health care for first responders and others that were exposed to toxins when the world trade centers fell. it's a $6.2 billion bill. it would also reopen part of the victims' compensation fund. there's a senate vote scheduled on that today. also today, president obama signs the repeal of don't ask don't tell. that will happen later this morning. the pentagon right snou drafting
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plans to implement it. until that's done, the ban remains in effect. lynn? >> thanks so much. the bill to fund health care for 9/11 responders sparked debate over how it will be paid for. last night on "countdown," a democrat from new york was asked for her response to claims that bill would be a burden for taxpayers. >> the way we pay for it is a fee on foreign companies that gets procurement contracts from our government. we think this addresses concerns and, you know, we addressed a lot of the concerns. i think we have the support we need. we got the votes we need. we just need to hold the vote. we need to make sure we can vote in a timely way so we can really deliver for first responders. it's heartwrenching. these are men and women that gave everything. they didn't have a care for who they were helping. they just heard the call to
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duty. they rushed to the towers. they ran up the towers when people were coming down. they're the ones who looked for survivors. they looked for remains. they did the cleanup days and weeks and months after the towers fell. and now, because of the toxins that were released, they're suffering from cancers, other ailments, terrible health effects. and so we have to deliver for them. we really to stand by them in their greatest time of need. >> be sure to watch "countdown" at 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. don't miss the "dylan ratigan show." he'll have an interview with the wikileaks founder. here's your first look at the news going on around america today. in oregon, an elk was rescued. rescuers were not sure it was treading the frigid waters. after an hour and several unsuccessful attempts, they pulled the elk to shore. it took tik to get the footing but the animal finally got itself back up to try land. the broadway production of "spiderman turn off the dark" has gone through another stunt mishap.
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this time it was spiderman's stunt double who tumbled 30 feet after his safety harness snapped. it's the fourth serious injury related accident to the set of the pricey production. and one minnesota man ran 20 miles in a pink tutu after he promised to run a mile for every $200 his company helped raise for charity. sure, he had some running gear on. but you had to get past all that fluffy stuff. he didn't seem to mind. he vowed to launch an annual tutu run. lone man running there in the road, pink tutu. love it. now we turn to bill karins for a look at your weather with the weather channel forecast. how you doing? >> i'm all right. a little stressed out about this
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forecast. >> no kidding. your mop there looks like armageddon when you put up the holiday travel forecast. thanks for scaring us. >> it's going to be interesting, lynn, to see how this plays out. some areas that don't typically see a white christmas could see it. let me update you. there's not a lot of bad weather out there. if you're waking up on the east coast, snow showers. all eyes are on the storm that is hitting the west coast. it is finally moving onshore today. it will go off the coast of los angeles to somewhere off the mid-atlantic coast on sunday. so in the middle is where we're going to travel the storm over the next five days. all right, we mentioned our ocean storm still throwing back
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breezy conditions. still a chilly raw morning. much of new england. not bad in florida today. texas had record highs. all eyes are out west. we continue to watch the storm moving onshore. torrential rains from los angeles down to san diego. an amazing six-day rain event for areas out west. this moisture will move onshore today. it will be a rough morning commute, especially there around ocean side and san diego. the bands of heavy rain. you just don't see this that often in southern california. could even get severe weather with the storms and maybe even a little bit of gusty winds. so far as the forecast goes this storm out west right now is going to move east. we know how cold it's been. it's currently 20 in kansas city, 19 in chicago. there's plenty of cold air to tap into for the winter weather event. notice the southeast, at least for now is a little warmer. you're going to cool down in the days ahead which could set the stage for an icy mess come christmas day. so here's what we're looking at today. as i mentioned, no real issues weatherwise from denver eastward to the east coast. now by the time we get to tomorrow, we start to see the moisture increasing in texas
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with some showers and rain developing from san antonio to dallas. the storm at that point will begin to reform somewhere here in north texas or coming out of kansas. this is what lynn was mentioning. it looks like a kid had fun with markers. take it day by day. the storm form should have snow coming down from possibly south dakota into iowa. maybe kansas city can get into some of that snow. a very light wintry mix is possible thursday night to friday. southern missouri to the ozarks and little rock. it's a close call for you. just plain rain. and then christmas eve, the storm heads from louisiana to rain through the deep south. we go through friday night, christmas eve into christmas morning, could have light snow in st. louis, maybe even nashville, areas of kentucky. christmas day, that moisture and enough cold air is possible even for a wintry mix as far south as atlanta. then the big question is what happens sunday? does it head up the coast or does it go off shore like the last one did? that is still five days away. one computer has just, you know, almost a historic storm for the mid-atlantic and another computer has it completely missing. >> bill, by the end of the show, we'll track down doomsday music we can lay on your forecast.
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that way we can add a little flavor to it. >> it's not a doomsday storm. when it goes across the country, it wouldn't be a big huge storm until it hit the east coast. >> it will be a pain with people traveling. wall street's new year's optimism, wikileaks next targets confirmed, and the unemployed millionaire. a recording setting day for the huskies and shaquille o'neal like you've never seen him before.
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a federal judge ordered the government to pay $2.5 million to a suspected terrorist organization. the judge voted favor of a charity in oregon which waged a nearly five-year legal challenge to the bush administration's so-called terrorist surveillance program. according to the associated press, the alleged terror plot that emerged in england this week was aimed at landmarks in
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shopping areas there. on monday, a dozen men were arrested in the largest counter-terrorism raid in nearly two years. amid simmering tensions in the peninsula, south korea is going forward with a live fire drill tomorrow. the south appears unmoved by an apparent softening by the north which signal it may allow nuclear inspections on its atomic programs. south korea lit up a giant christmas tree on a border hill near north korea much it's been off for seven years because of complaints by the north. and new york is also getting ready for the holidays. a giant seven-foot tall number one arrived in times square for the 2011 new year's eve ball drop. and now here's your first
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look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,533 after gaining 55 points yesterday. the s&p 500 edged up seven points. the nasdaq rose 18. taking a look at overseas trading. tokyo, the nikkei lost 24 points. hong kong, the heng sang added 51. optimism for the new year is on the rise in wall street. the upbeat sentiment pushed the s&p 500 above the so-called pre-lehman collapse level. several of the nation's largest banks picked up at least 1%. a couple big mergers added to the improving outlook for the year ahead. today, traders will look more inside on the economy from revised third quarter gdp and existing home sales. the still sluggish real estate market took a toll on home builder hovnanian. new home contracts dropped 13% thanks to slowing demand. federal officials say deutsche bank admitted to criminal wrongdoing and agreed to pay more than $550 million for helping wealthy clients avoid paying hundreds of
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millions of dollars in u.s. taxes. new york's attorney general has filed charges against accounting giant earnst and young accusing them helping lehman brothers hide the financial state for more than seven years. they claim the allegations have no factual or legal basis. wikileaks founder julian assange claimed that bank of america is the target of his next big expose. if the management is operating in a responsive way, there will be resignations. the sec won a controversial 3-2 vote to set up so-called net neutrality laws to keep internet providers from interfering with legal web traffic down the road. keep an eye on nike. shares closed higher. they tumbled after the bell thanks to weaker than expected future orders. and apparently, eating out when you're unemployed can actually pay off.
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at least it did for one lucky mcdonald's customer who hit the fast food chain's million dollar jackpot. now to sports. the ucla bruins had a record that was once thought invincible. that was until uconn's lady huskies came along. hello, good morning. the uconn women's basketball team has done something no women's team has ever done. they won their 89th consecutive game breaking the record set by john wooden's teams of the early '70s. they made it look easy against florida state. moore rising to the occasion. she scored a career high 41 points. uconn wins 93-62 for their 89th consecutive win. nba, mavericks are on an impressive run. it's nothing like 89 straight, but they won 16 of 17 after beating the magic. to orlando.
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this three pointer pushes nowitzki past larry byrd on the all-time scoring list. mavs up four after three. terry puts it away. he buries a long jumper. and now the magic 105-99. to oregon, kelly is named the ap player of the year. college basketball, number 11 kansas state and unlv, the three pointer late in the second. unlv up sets k-state and it gets worse for the wild cats. two players suspended indefinitely for receiving impermissible benefits. the big aristotle is now the big maestro. shaquille o'neal was a guest conductor for the boston pops orchestra. shaq conducted three songs including christmas classics. afterwards, shaq said he developed a new found respect for conductors because his arms were killing him from swinging
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the baton that long a time. maybe the extra exercise will help shaq's free throws. folks in england have another reason to celebrate this week. with news after another royal wedding. princess ann's daughter is now engaged to her long-time boyfriend and rugby player mike tindal. and as emily morgan reports, it will be a union of two competitive athletes who won't be competing with william and kate. >> reporter: as only 12th in line to the throne, there is little fan fare to her engagement. there's a ring, a two carat diamond. in a statement, the queen's granddaughter said she was shocked by the proposal but very happy. it was perhaps a meeting of minds when the pair met in 2003. they maintained a low profile relationship but both have high profile careers.
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their former world champions in their respective sport, her an international event rider, the preparing for the olympics and tindal a rugby star. each have a mbe. czar zara checked hers from her grandmother in 2007 chlt their closeness kept the nation guessing forcing zara to quell rumors of an engagement in the past. >> you deny it completely? >> i'm not engaged, everyone. >> reporter: inevitable comparisons to prince william's wedding begin. as a rebel, zara will no doubt do things her way. there is no date set yet but you can be sure it won't be april. emily morgan, itv news. well who are the year's top earners in hollywood? plus, a new investigation into allegations against lindsay lohan. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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last night jimmy fallon talked about the problem when foreign leaders give each other gifts. president obama was going to get japanese president a gift but it is weird buying somebody a gift with their own money. and the wax museum in diesel open a new gallery next year
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featuring all 44 president. the obama statue is life like. biden spent him an hour talking about his weekend. check this out. a study found that there are only 786 mountain gorillas left in the world. and that number could go down even further after the premier of the new tv show sarah palin's kongo. >> and tonight, jimmy welcomes actor ethan hawke, community's julian jacobs. that is "late night with jimmy fallon." and it is time now for your first look at entertainment news which this year are ending much like they began. lindsay lohan is in trouble. palm desert police are investigating lohan for criminal battery against a technician at the betty ford clinic. the technician says she was injured in a confrontation with
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lohan who claims she was drinking and claims she had been drinking after lohan and two roommates violated curfew and tried sneaking back into the compound. meanwhile, that technician has been fired for speaking to the media. leo decapry ee tops the worldwide box office earners. johnny depp is only tied for second that's thanks to a woman who played in "al nis wonder land." by this weekend, depp should take sole possession of second. finally, zaza gabor's husband accidentally glued his eyes shus tuesday morning when he mistook his wife's nail glue for eye drops. he's going to be okay. but he's going to have to wear an eye patch for about two weeks. big oops there.
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>> i've done that with the visine. you grab it real quick and it's visine, not nail glue. let's talk about snow flurries this morning. you may see a couple outside of d.c. the radar is picking up a little bit on that. in maine, we have snow showers. it could rotate down toward new hampshire. temperatures are warmer than it's been the last couple mornings. that's going to lead to a little bit of a warmer day to day. some locations could even come near 40. believe that? almost near 40. 39 in philly is the expected high. snow showers in new york. they could make their way to boston. the big weather story is out west with that heavy rain continuing with pictures about it end to have day will be incredible around l.a. >> yes, they will. bill, thanks so much. i'm lynn berry and this is "first look" on msnbc. "morning joe" is coming up at 6:00 eastern. [ male announcer ] you know her.
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